The Three Sisters are tempestuous teenage daughters of a grandee of Spain. Teenage fantasies of lovers and love get them in deep trouble with their father when he catches them in compromising situations. When their indiscretions become public, causing great embarrassment to their father, he sends them from Spain to the Mexican territory of New Mexico.

        Wanting to be rid of them for having disgraced the family, their father arranges for the sisters to marry distant cousins they had never met and for whom they would produce offspring with pure Spanish bloodlines.  They are sent to live in a remote wilderness they had never heard of, completely abandoned by their family, never to be seen or heard from again.

        On the voyage across the Atlantic Ocean, their ship is severely damaged in a storm, but they survive and are picked up by an English trading vessel on its way around Cape Horn to the tiny Mexican village of Los Angeles, where they meet Caleb Landers. Alone and vulnerable, they are captured by slavers to be used like whores, then eventually separated and sold to strangers.  How they are rescued and the ordeal of their journey on the Old Spanish Trail to New Mexico is a poignant, exciting, and adventuresome story of survival.

The Three Sisters
Frank W. Lewis
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The Three Sisters
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