Frank W Lewis
        Frank W. Lewis single-handedly built an empire out of little more than hard work, good timing, and a few neglected mining deeds.  His company, F. W. Lewis Inc., was perhaps the largest patented deeded mine holding company in Nevada. Today on the grounds of the state capitol in Carson City, Lewis' name is engraved as one of the state's most prominent prospectors.

       "As I think back on my life, it was great fun spending over 50 years searching for treasure--gold and silver mines, along with other minerals. I found enough bounty to live comfortably, raise four kids and help them develop into educated and useful citizens. Since retiring, I've published six novels and several more are 'works in progress.' Most are (history-based) westerns and one's a mining story where the corrupt lawyer gets his just desserts."


Frank W. Lewis
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